David Shustin

Student Researcher at Princeton University.


I’m a senior at Princeton University studying Computer Science and Physics. I’m incredibly lucky to be advised by Professors Ellen Zhong and Felix Heide.

I co-organize PSRG: Princeton Systems Reading Group, a weekly meeting to discuss topics in computer systems including compilers, programming languages, and operating systems.

I’m interested in using computers to understand the world. In the past I have spent time on autonomous vehicles, neural scene representations, and machine learning for structural biology.

You can reach me at A@B.edu, where A, B = dshustin, princeton.


Nov 8, 2023 Saw some awesome presentations while attending MIT’s Molecular Machine Learning Conference!

selected publications

  1. nsf_preview_transparent.gif
    Neural Spline Fields for Burst Image Fusion and Layer Separation
    Ilya Chugunov, David Shustin, Ruyu Yan, and 2 more authors